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This application is for all those parents out there who 'know' that their kids are not getting fair playing time. However, sometimes perception is not reality. You are always focused on your child so sometimes it seems they are getting less than others. Sadly, sometimes you're right - your child is getting mis-treated, either by intent or by oversight.

This app is ALSO for coaches. You want to know who's getting the playing time. You are busy during the game, you can't focus on your assistant coaches to see that they're favouring someone (not their own child, surely). You want to have the information available for when parents come to you accusing you of not playing fair. Combine the knowledge of playing time with your stat tracking to see who is performing the best given their amount of playing time.

This app will allow you to record the playing time and shifts for as many or as few players on the team as you need.

After the game you will be able to get reports on playing time for a single player, for a game or over the course of the season for the entire team. Reports include graphs showing the trends of playing time.

Use this app and you will have facts to back up your concerns, or alternatively, you'll realize that your child is not being treated unfairly and you can sit back and enjoy the games.

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Track shots and stats for your team. Get reports containing statistics and images showing shot locations and types. Available on iOS and Android devices.
Hockey/Floorball Stat Tracker

Timed Stat Tracker:
Timed Stat Tracker allows you to quickly and easily track time based stats such as time of possession, time in offensive zone, time in defensive zone, etc. Reports contain graphs over time to show the progression of your team. Available on iOS and Android devices.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

Team Shift Tracker Released

Team Shift Tracker for iPhone/iPod and Team Shift Tracker HD for iPad have been released.

Full and LITE versions are available.

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